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In last two years, Bengaluru has seen a tremendous rise in food startups that are changing the food scene here. While some fail, a few become names to reckon with, brands that people trust with timely delivery, value for money and impeccable taste.

One such name who has been slowly making waves in the online food delivery space is, which allows you to order wholesome, freshly-cooked meals from a network of expert chefs. The chefs at Eatfresh create a rotating menu of delicious entrees, mouth-watering sides and main meals that blow traditional delivery services out of the water.

Everyday a new menu is decided and made available on the website by the Chefs on rotation, this gives the customers a wide range of food without any repetition.

With so many professional Chefs on the roaster, one would expect quality food. doesn’t disappoint a bit in terms of taste, quality or timely delivery. They are here to stay and do some serious business, unless the success gets on to the head and they behave like how most of the startups are.

In past few weeks, I have experienced the food and service of and they are right on their game. 

Below images will give you a glimpse of food, name of the chef and price.

If you want more information on what are the ingredients that are used to prepare a particular dish, just place your cursor over the food image and you will see a pop. Just like shown in the screenshot below.


Here is the highlight and rating of on different and important parameters (1 being the lowest).

Value for money
Overall Experience

Mode of Operation
Website (
45 minutes approx.


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