Shang Palace adds Dim Sum and BBQ to its menu

It has not been too long since Shangri-La made a grand entry in Bengaluru and it’s already making waves. It has been gaining popularity for its warm hospitality and lip-smacking food across its five restaurants, namely: b Café, Caprese, Ssaffron, Yataii and Shang Palace.

After b Café and Caprese, it was time for me to relish the finest of Cantonese and Szechuan cuisine on the hotel’s third floor at Shang Palace. Its modern design blends with a rich and vibrant Chinese heritage.

Shang Palace has now extended its menu by introducing various ranges of Dim Sum and BBQ. What makes it special? Well, all the spices and sauce used to barbeque are imported all the way from Beijing to retain the authenticity.
Before you salivate more and dry your mouth; let me take you through the highlights from the evening.

Let’s get started with BBQ first.

Lamb Skewer: Hands down, the lamb skewer from the BBQ section was the best of the evening. OMG! How good was that meat, how good was the spice and the sauce, how perfectly this was done.

Grilled Fish: This grilled bhetki came as surprise to me. Look at the picture below, the big block with a beautiful shine. Again the spices and sauce takes this dish to completely different level. This couldn’t have been any better.

Oyster Mushrooms: Honestly I am big fan of anything with mushroom but an alien to this name. First time experience – it was really nice. It isn’t appealing to eyes but hey looks do deceive, this surely does.

Getting down to Dim Sums.

Prawn Har Gau-traditional Cantonese Dim Sum: These should be called as the delicate darlings. The fine texture of this dim sum makes it shine like a bride after it is steamed and the filling couldn’t have been evenly balanced with the fine quality of prawns. I bet you can’t take your eyes and hands off these.

Radish Silk Rolls: Whoever gave this name to this dish, would have been a saint because it says all. The crispiness of the baked puffy shell and the filing of silky Radish is still a better love story than Twilight. No, I really mean it. Everything about this was amazing, a true veggies delight.

There are whole lot of other varieties from both BBQ and Dim Sum sections which I leave onto you to explore. So, what are you waiting for, get set and Dim Sum.


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