Café Noir’s ‘French Box’ is a bundle of divine indulgence

Last month, Café Noir re-launched its online service ‘French Box’ which comprises of products ranging from exquisite croissants and French macarons to authentic quiches and baguettes.

If you have ever thought what could be ‘divine indulgence’ like, Café Noir’s French Box is your answer. I created my French Box last week which was delivered seamlessly at my office.

The delicacies by Café Noir in that box not only taste great but are a treat to your eyes. It is a true orgasmic food in every sense.

Here is what you can’t miss out on when creating your own French box:

Almond Croissant
My words here wouldn’t do justice to its awesomeness. I did mention about the orgasmic food earlier and this is prime reason for it. OMG!! This has to be one of the best I have ever had, this is the kind of stuff that I can munch on at any point of the day. You just can’t miss out on Almond Croissant if you are creating your French Box anytime soon.

Strawberry Tart
There are tarts and then there is this eye-pleaser. Hands down this strawberry tart by Café Noir is the best you can get in Namma Bengaluru. Where do I start from? The fresh bright red strawberries as a topping is sheer delight, that smooth, rich, lovely cream in the middle is a classic and that crisp brown base couldn’t have been any better.

Quiche de Bresse 
Again one of the finest quiches I have experienced in long long time. You certainly cannot skip this savoury delicacy.

I am saying this from my experience - no one can order French Box just once, your taste buds will literally force you to get another one on a repeat mode.

And here is where Café Noir’s subscription model comes in handy which not only saves your time but also your creating your French Box again and again. Here is why you should subscribe:

Set Frequency
It completely depends on how often you want your French box. You can set yourself up for weekly or monthly deliveries of your favourite French delicacies.

Set Duration
For how many weeks/months do you want your French Box? You can get an extra one for free at each multiple of 6, along with a special surprise!

Pay Upfront & Save
You can choose to pay at each delivery. But you can also save 1% for each week/month of subscription, up to 12% savings, when you pay your subscription in full on your first delivery.


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