Fusion Confusion:

 ‘Fusion Food’ has suddenly become specialty of many chefs. Today, it is more common and wide spread cuisine around the world and Bengaluru Chefs are definitely turning the heat on with their knowledge of food. Having said that, only few of the city chefs and restaurants have been able to impress the diners with their fusion food, remaining has failed miserably.

Sometimes the dishes have too much going on the plate and the overall product can also cause confusion on the palate.

Talking about fusion and the confusion it can create, few weeks back I was invited to be part of ‘Japanese-Indian fusion themed Chef’s table’ at Davanam Portico Suites. It was all about Chef Kapil Sahi fusing two distinct culinary styles, a marriage of impeccable bold flavors of Japanese cuisine with the rich, flavourful Indian cuisine.

Coming straight to the business, the food served by Chef Kapil was lip-smacking to say the least. He scored heavily for few dishes presented and few failed miserably. Let’s get to the detail.

Tokyo Chat (Papdi with Sunomuno)
It was Indian all the way with no sign of Japanese influence of flavour whatsoever.

Tandoori Prawn Sushi
These were just outstanding and truly depicted the fusion of Indian-Japenese. Undoubtedly, one of the best fusion dishes I have tasted.

Lamb Katsu Curry
The lamb was beautifully cooked and the taste reminded me of Kolkata. The only problem, where is the Japanese influence again? If Chef had told me this was an Indian food, I wouldn’t have shied away from saying that this was one of the best Indian lamb dishes. Unfortunately, it was supposed to be a fusion food and not an Indian food.

Sake Infused Jalebi with Wasabi Ice Cream
You need guts to experiment with something and that’s what Chef did here. I would have never imagined something like Jalebi with Wasabi ice cream. But unfortunately the combination didn’t please me. Wasabi dominated the dish left, right and centre.

To conclude, Chef Kapil deserves a pat on his back. He tried to bring two distinct cuisines together and create something extraordinary but somewhere it lacked the depth and balance of flavours from both the worlds. It lacked the essence of great fusion food. But as I said earlier, you need guts to experiment and I am sure Chef Kapil will create something amazing next time he tries his hands on fusion food.


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