What you shouldn’t miss out at ‘Fatty’s Travel Tales’ Festival by The Fatty Bao

The Fatty Bao, Bangalore turns 2 and they are celebrating this anniversary with a delightful adventure of exciting local dishes and inventive cocktails inspired by the flavours of ten Asian countries at Fatty’s Travel Tales.

Last week, I was invited to be part of their anniversary celebration and what really bowled me over was the exclusivity in the flavor of each food, tantalizing cocktails and mesmerizing desserts. To cut it short, they had it all.

The Fatty’s Travel tales menu is on till 28th of August and here is the cheat sheet on what you should definitely not miss out.


This Chinese hamburger was the highlight of the evening for me. This is something you should definitely try. The steamed buns are layered with braised pork and lettuce, and grilled. If you are a person who loves indulging in pork, you will not be able to eat just one, I had to request for another round. The pork is cooked so beautifully, I can go and on and on. In short, DO NOT and I repeat DO NOT MISS OUT ON THIS HAMBURGER.

Crab is something very dear to my heart and there is no way it can go wrong. All the way from Vietnam, this crab broth with tomato, vermicelli noodles, garlic, chilli and lime is a winner all the way. The small chunks of crab is the soul of the dish.

They were serious when they named it ‘Tiger Sushi Roll’, like literally. This wonderful food from Japan never fails to amaze and at The Fatty Bao, they have taken it to a different level altogether (of course the Tiger face in front is really pleasing to your eyes). With spicy salmon, tamaki, cucumber and orange gel this is certainly not to be missed.


Cocktails at The Fatty Bao are mystical, they taste really amazing and are loaded to take you high. The best thing about the cocktails here - it is different, with every sip I mumbled to my friend ‘wow, this is nice, I haven’t tasted something like this before’.

When at The Fatty Bao for ‘Fatty’s Travel Tales’, do not forget to try these two of my favorites:

Absolut, jamun fruit, lime juice, black salt with Absolut Elyx 750

Absolut Mandarin, saffron-infused vodka and lime.


I just love desserts, well who doesn’t. With only two options on the menu, it did break my heart. But when you see them on the plate, you can’t help but get mesmerized. If there was ever a dessert which defines the beauty it would be these two:

This can give all the desserts run for their money, undoubtedly one of the best looking desserts I have come across in a long time.  With miso soil, soy caramel sauce and fruit confetti all on a plate, what else do you need.

This will literally give you winter chills. It’s like a gastronomy treasure hidden in a snow shell. Just tap the shell with spoon and you unearth some wonderful things like Vanilla, Cherries, Citrus and Yogurt.

Festival Dates: 11th August – 28th August, 2016

Lunch: 12pm to 3pm
Dinner: 7pm to 10.30pm
Dinner: 7pm to 11.30pm (Fri & Sat)

Meal for two without alcohol, excluding taxes Rs.1,600 ++
Meal for two including alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 2,500++


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