ITC’s Cubbon Pavillion Churns Out Lip-Smacking Malenadu Delicacies

Cubbon Pavilion, an award winning restaurant from ITC Gardenia has been a driving factor to ITC’s ‘Kitchens of India’ drive, which celebrates and showcases different cuisines from across India. With Kitchens of India, ITC embarked on this journey of rich flavour, bringing authenticity to the table of diners. Rich, traditional recipes are perfected by ITC’s Master Chefs - combining a passionate eye for detail with age-old techniques. This time, Cubbon Pavilion is celebrating the goodness of Malenadu Cuisine. 

People who are not aware of it, the Malenadu cuisine is referred to as an amalgam of Coorg and Mangalorean cuisine by many but it has its own distinct style. The word Malenadu means "land of mountain ranges" and the cuisine is heavily influenced by the variety of fruits and vegetables available in the rich forests of Western Ghats. The ingredients like tender bamboo shoots, colocassia leaves, turmeric leaves, raw jackfruit are easily found in the Sahyadri ranges.

I was invited to be part of this ongoing Malenadu food festival at Cubbon Pavilion and yet again ITC proves why they are the best in the business. Food Festivals have become a trend in the hotel industry. For many it is just to stay in the competition and for few it is all about the pride and the dedication they put in to serve their customers. ITC belongs to the latter.

Undoubtedly, every single item on the buffet spread was there for a reason, to surprise its diners with the lip-smacking taste and the authenticity of Malenadu cuisine. One of the better food festivals in a long long time.

From Nati Kodi Roast to Bale Dindina Paliya; from Ragi Kilsa to Gass Gassey Payisa; from Kane Meenu Saru to Sigdi avre kalu houdi, Chef Mohan had it all spread on the table.

Though, there are few items that changes every day to bring the freshness to the table, most of the classics are retained for the guests. Here is the list of items which is not be missed not matter ow full you get during the course of savouring the wonderful spread of Malenadu food at Cubbon Pavilion.
Sourna Gade Paliya: A dry preparation of yam tempered with robust Malenadu spices.

Nati Kodi Roast
Country chicken simmered with hand pounded spices

Bale Dindina Paliya
A Malenadu delicacy of banana stem

Kaima Unde
Lamb meat balls flaovoured with freshly pounded ginger & coriander roots

Ragi Kilsa
Ragi milk jaggery, topped with peppry seeds

Gass Gassey Payisa
A classical Malenadu sweet preparation of poppy seeds, jaggery & dry fruits

Kane Meen Saru
Lady fish flavored with Malenadu spices & simmered in coconut & tomato gravy

Ragi Mudde
Finger millet dumpling

Gorikayi Paliya 
Cluster beans tempered with whole red chili, mustard and curry leaves

Ona Avare Kalu Gajju
Dry flat beans simmered with Malenadu spices

Sigdi Avre Kalu Houdi
A Malenadu delicacy of shrimps tempered with robust hand pounded spices

Anabe Sigdi Saaru
Dry shrimps & mushrooms cooked with tamarind && tomato, flavoured with fenugreek

Ona Menu Aloo Gadde Saaru
Silver fish cooked to perfection in a coconut & mustard gravy


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