Hunan packs flavour and authenticity in their new menu

People of modern India are accepting, experimenting and promoting the different cuisines from across the world. This has allowed chefs and restaurateurs to push the boundaries of creativity and flavour right in your neighborhood.

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The concept of food has evolved over the period of time in India. Earlier, it would have been very difficult to find an authentic or the closest Chinese, Japanese or Vietnamese food but today there are plenty of restaurants in different parts of India that offer these cuisines.  People were so used to ‘Indian Chinese’ that the acceptance of authentic Chinese was negligible. This has changed today.
The credit has to go to the restaurateurs who believed in their food and the diners. One such restaurant I will be writing about in detail today is Hunan, five time winner of Times Food Awards under Best Chinese restaurant category.

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Hunan's cuisine is known for its flavor, fresh aroma and authenticity. It is conveniently situated in the posh neighbouring of BEL Road, & Koramangala Bangalore. It is one of the first authentic Chinese restaurants in North Bangalore. The best thing about Hunan is they have always aimed to serve the best to their diners.

Recently, Hunan made some changes and additions to their menu and Dineout, India’s favourite table booking app invited us over for the tasting session. Other than good food, highlight of the menu has to be the introduction of ‘gluten free’ food. Speaking to Mr. Jagdeesh Menda, owner of Hunan, he said “The gluten free food has been take into consideration keeping in mind the rising importance of health issues among diners”.

Talking about the new menu, everything served on the table justified the name Hunan has earned over the years. Another highlight for me was the importance given to the flavours in every single food, it just takes it to a different level.

But there were few dishes which really stood out and is a must try when you are next at Hunan.

Sweet and Sour Tofu Soup with Crabmeat

There cannot be a fresh and better start than this. The amalgamation of tofu, bamboo shoot, peas, baby corn and the essence of crabmeat in a supreme broth is just amazing.

Sesame Cucumber Salad

Talking about fresh, this is an absolute veggies delight. With carrot, cucumber, scallion, coriander and chilli flakes tossed with sesame vinaigrette defines the term ‘salad’ in the most delicious way possible. Forget about veggies delight, this is sure to bowl over the meat lovers.

Vegetable Cocktail Rolls

No there is no alcohol in it and still it features in ‘do not miss out on’ list. It truly justifies it name where mini crispy rolls are stuffed with a medley of vegetables and served with the lip-smacking spicy mango dip.

Braised Fish with Burnt Garlic Clove

This one is a stunner, both with the looks and taste. The sliced seer fish, braised and served in a pool of hot bean sauce is a classic all the way.

This is just a glimpse of what’s in store at Hunan. There is more to it, there is a whole list of more than 70 items to choose from. So, go ahead and explore. But do not forget to book your table through Dineout because you wouldn’t want to wait to grab a table and the cherry on the cake, there are plenty of discounts too on offer from Dineout.


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