Wedding Feast, the Parsi way at SodaBottleOpenerWala

SodaBottleOpenerWala recently completed three years of serving lip-smacking Parsi food and when the occasion is so special, the celebration has to be three times the fun. Along with music and dance which is an integral part of SBOW is rustling up month long wedding feast, the Parsi way. Yes, you heard it right, it is time for ‘Lagan Nu Bhonu’.

The community takes much pride in their wedding feasts which are an experience of a lifetime. Traditionally served on a banana leaf, the sit-down feast unfolds course wise and mostly offers non-vegetarian fare. At SodaBottleOpenerWala, they have retained the same, serving on a banana leaf kept on a large plate and have vegetarian options as well. Eggs, chicken and mutton are on the menu along with Parsi good luck symbols – fish and rice. 

Speaking on SBOW’s journey, AD Singh, Managing Director of The Olive Group says “The SodaBottleOpenerWala’s journey began as a tribute to revive the dying legacy of the Bombay Irani caf├ęs. Three years later, having our presence in seven outlets, we have been overwhelmed by the love we received. Here’s raising a toast to the Terrific Three!”

Talking about Lagan Nu Bhonu at SBOW, both veg and non-veg thali stars some lip-smacking Parsi wedding delicacies which will leave you asking for more. While the veg thali is priced at Rs.550+ taxes, the latter is Rs.650+ taxes.

Non-Vegetarian Bhonu

First up was Pallonji Raspberry Soda, this is common for veggies as well. The amalgamation of fresh lime soda and the raspberry pulp is ever so refreshing and flows smoothly with the meal.

We always speak about show stoppers, here at SBOW’s Lagan Nu Bhonu, the Macchi No Cutlet is a show starter. This coriander spiced cutlet of minced Rawa fish with garlic is the best thing you should start with, just sets on the tempo. 

Talking about the show stoppers, how can I miss out on the Chutney Eeda na Patice. It is believed that any Parsi meal is incomplete with an egg dish and rightly so. Two hero starters are very well complimented by the dynamic duo of Vengna nu Achar and Lagan nu Achar. I wouldn’t have mind a bottle of both for home. 

Another item on the menu, another highlight – Gos No Sas, which is another popular Parsi food. This mutton cooked in white gravy was my ‘man of the match. Have it with roti or just like that, this will make you thank the Parsis for such an amazing dish.

Then comes the Chicken Pulao, another masterpiece from the kitchen of SBOW. If this all is served in Parsi wedding, damn! I want to attend one soon. All the chicken biryanis on one side and this chicken pulao on the other. The rich texture with mild sweetness and the perfectly cooked chicken really makes it stand out.

Another common for veggies is Masala ni Daar. Well, this is a veggies delight for sure but I found it as a misfit to the amazing non-vegetarian Bhonu. Absolutely no complaints with the taste but when there is meat beating around the 360° thali, this will be overlooked. 

Kachumbar and Saria Papad are the most humble players on any food thali. But for me, it is very important to have both on the side.

Couldn’t taste the vegetarian Bhonu but I have the list that will tempt you to book your table to Lagan Nu Bhonu at SodaBottleOpenerWala.
  • Papeta Anjeer na Cutlis
  • Kora Papri no Patio
  • Badami Papeta ne Paneer
  • Masala ni Daar
  • Vegetable Pulao
  • Rotli
  • Vegna nu Achar
  • Lagan nu Achar
  • Kachumbar
  • Saria Papad
  • Pallonji Rasberry Soda

What: Lagan Na Bhonu (Parsi Wedding Feast)
Where: SodaBottleOpenerWala (Lavelle Road)
When: Till 25th day of February, 2017
Cost: 550+ Taxes for Veg bhonu and Rs.650+ Taxes for non-veg bhonu
Rating: 4/5


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