It’s raining Biryani in Bengaluru

Biryani is undoubtedly the most loved, discussed and debated dish in the history of Indian culinary. Though the exact origin of Biryani is uncertain, it is strongly believed to be from the roots of the Muslims of Indian subcontinent.

Forget about the origin, there are as many as fifteen varieties of Biryani available in different parts of India. Well, I have tasted most of them, my favourite is ‘Kolkata Biryani’ because of the unique aroma of basmati rice and boiled potatoes. This is one of the most distinct in terms of taste and presentation.

Bangalore is a paradise for food lovers and one restaurant that really aim at broadening the horizon of every food lover is Indian Kitchen located on MG road. In a very short span of time, it has earned a good name for itself among diners and food aficionados. It is known to whip some of the finest North Indian and Mughlai cuisines.

They believe in experimenting and thus showcases cuisines from different parts of India. This time, they have put together their expertise to bring the most loved dish – Biryani in seven different varieties. Yes, you read that right seven different varieties, which are: Kachi Gosht Ki Biryani, Chettinad Murgh Biryani, Sea Food Biryani, Goan Fish Biryani, Egg Biryani, Kathal ke Biryani and Tarkari Biryani.

Unfortunately, two of my favourites from the list (Kachi Gosht Ki Biryani and Kathal ke Biryani) was not prepared when I visited. Having said that, the remaining five were so good it didn’t let anyone feel the absence of its two members.

All seven varieties of Biryani represented seven cities of India:  Hyderabad (Kachi Gosht), Chennai (Chettinad Murgh), Mangalore (Sea Food), Goa (Goan Fish), Kolkata (Egg), Orissa (Kthal) and Lucknow (Tarkari).

While every biryani presented on the table had its own distinct taste, the Sea Food Biryani cooked in Mangalorean style and Chettinad Murgh Biryani cooked with finest basmati rice and whole Indian spices really stood out for me.

Though there was a representative from the beautiful city Kolkata in the form of Egg Biryani, I would have loved to have the classic Chicken dum biryani cooked in Kolkata style. The egg biryani here does not justify the taste of Kolkata.

Well, I am a biryani chaser and honestly speaking Indian Kitchen does absolute justice to its reputation in this Biryani Festival. They chose seven distinct cuisine and have celebrated in the best possible manner.

‘Kathal (Jackfruit) ki Biryani’ is something very unique, something that I have never heard off. And I will be back to try this very soon.

What: Biryani Festival
Where: Indian Kitchen (M.G. Road & Orion Mall)
When: 6th March 2017 – 20th March 2017
Cost: Rs. 365 – Rs. 575 (+taxes)
Rating: 3.5/5


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