3 reasons why the new ‘Obento Lunch meal’ at Edo is the best I have ever had

Edo, the award winning and the most preferred Japanese restaurant in the heart of the city at ITC Gardenia is now open for lunch on all days of the week. Just right for a busy work lunch or a meeting, one can now savour authentic Japanese delicacies served with efficiency and speed in a tranquil ambience.

Last week, few fellow food aficionados and I were invited at Edo to try out the recently launched ‘Obento lunch meal’ crafted by Chef Kamlesh Joshi. This was my third outing at Edo and the expectation was on an all-time high due to the wonderful experiences in the past.

As usual, we started with one of the most important and fun aspect at Edo, the traditional Sake bomb. This really sets the tempo and creates a brilliant atmosphere around the table.

This time, I will not be writing the usual review because Chef Kamlesh and his team really surprised me with the quality and taste of food. Instead, I am listing three reasons why the new Obento lunch meal at Edo is the best I have ever had.

It is not just any other meal, it is a wide spread goodness on a tray

The reaction on everyone’s face when the meal tray arrived on the table was hilarious, not to forget the whispers of ‘wow’ and ‘looks awesome’ floating around. This is one such meal where you can’t help but admire the food even before you lay your hands on them. For me, it was love at first sight. Just look at the picture below, so many beautiful colours on the tray, it is difficult to not appreciate this spread.

The Obento meal is both for vegetarian and non-vegetarian enthusiasts.

The non-veg spread includes Oshinko (Pickled Vegetables), Zensai, Sushi, Sashimi, Miso Soup (Traditional Japanese soup made with Dashi stock, Kombu seaweed and Bean curd), Chawanmushi (Steamed Egg custard with prawn and chicken), Light and Crisp Tempura, Robatayaki (Izakaya style of Cooking) and the main course in the form of Udon noodles.

Authentic Flavours

There wasn’t a single item on the tray which did not justify its presence, all of them were high on flavour, taste and freshness. Chef Kamlesh and his team has ensured that you get the best culinary experience and have crafted the spread very carefully. A perfect balance of spices, aroma, texture across the spread, right from Edo’s signature collection of appetizers to exquisite and handpicked seafood signature showcase of sushi, from shimmering premium Sashimi to Traditional Japanese soup, from light and crisp tempura to chef’s extensive repertoire of signature main course and to end the proceedings with the classic matcha ice cream. Take a bow chef for serving a lot more than just food to the diners.

A worthy Experience

There is no hiding the fact that ITC Hotels is the best in the hospitality business and why not, they have only scaled their service to the next level. It is always a soothing experience at any of the ITC restaurants and this time Edo was like an icing on the cake, just top notch.

To put things straight, the kind of experience and pleasure I derived feasting on this tray of goodness is unmatchable, undoubtedly one of the best meals I have had in a long time.

Chef Kamlesh and his team has raised the bar and how. This certainly becomes a benchmark for the restaurants serving any form of meal. This is only the third time in my five years of blogging career that I am rating any restaurant a full five out of five.

What: Obento Lunch Meal
Where: Edo, ITC Gardenia
Price: Veg Obento (INR 2000 ++) Non veg Obento (2250 ++)
Timing: 12:30 pm – 2:45 pm
Rating: 5/5


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