Review: Ramzan Special at K&K, ITC Gardenia's Indian Specialty Restaurant

Over the years, ITC Gardenia has become one of my favourite dining destinations in the city and why not, they have only scaled their quality and service to the next level. It is always a soothing experience at any of the ITC restaurants and this time ‘Ramzan Special’ at K&K was like an icing on the cake, just top notch.

As served in courts and on the battlefield of history, the fare at K & K is a coming together of ancient culinary secrets, long forgotten herbs and exotic flavours to pamper the palate. It presents a symphony of flavourful curries and delicious Kebabs. It is a melting pot of innumerable new dishes which originated throughout Central Asia and ultimately found a home in India.

The interiors of K & K reflect the haunting beauty of North Indian forts. A brass­motif engraved wooden entrance, Dholpur stone flooring and carved wooden pillars create a look of rugged earthiness.

During this holy month of Ramadan, I was invited to K&K, ITC Gardenia’s Indian speciality restaurant for a special Ramadan spread curated by Master Chef Luqman. This spread had a selection of specially crafted delicacies authentic to Ramadan celebrations like Kebabs, Haleem, Nihari, Baigan ka Salan, Biryani, Uzbeki Naan and Kulfi to name a few.

Chef Luqman and his team has a great job in bringing this spread together and delighting its diners. It becomes very difficult to pick the top three dishes when every single item on the menu was delectable and a hero on its own.

However, here are my top 3 picks from the menu:

Murgh Mahlaithi

K&K is known for its Kebabs and now I know why. This boneless legs of chicken is marinated in ginger and fresh coriander which is skewered and cooked in the tandoor. As a diner, you can never ask for more better and tongue-pleasing dish like this. This sets the tempo straight up and nails the reason why diners are here. Just forget all the kebabs you had ever tasted on your life, this is different – the culmination of ginger & coriander brings out the best flavour you can imagine. People sitting on the table just couldn’t get over praising this lip-smacking kebab.

Dum ka Murgh

Another top-notch dish by Chef Luqman which got everyone talking. It was so good, it overshadowed the Haleem which was presented after this. Haleem is supposed to be the showstopper in a ‘Ramzan Special’ spread but for me it was Dum ka Murgh. This Hyderabadi delicacy is cooked in a cashew nut and coconut gravy. As a food lover, it gives me immense joy when you are served a food of this calibre, simple yet so much detailing in the flavours. Take a bow, Chef Luqman.

Kareli ki Nihari
Another classic from Chef Laqman and his team. This fragrant stew of lamb shanks is left to cook overnight on embers, traditionally served at served with Uzbeki naan. I never seen everyone on the table giving me so much love to a lamb dish. Let’s accept the fact, not everyone loves eating lamb but this time it was different. There were people who kept asking for the stew again and again including me.

Other notable mentions are: Tarmezi Machli, Haleem and Hyderbadi Biryani.

 Tarmezi Machli


                                                                    Hyderbadi Biryani

Rating: 4.5/5


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