Chef Vikas Seth brings Mexico to Sanchez

Behind every wonderful thing, there is an inspiration. Recently, Sanchez – one of the finest restaurants in the city started their all new monsoon menu curated by Chef Vikas Seth. If you have ever been in search of authentic or closest Mexican food and have been disappointed just like me, the new menu at Sanchez will put an end to your quest. Chef Vikas absolutely nails the Mexican flavours.

Just like every other wonderful thing, the monsoon menu at Sanchez is inspired. Chef Vikas Seth has taken the inspiration from his recent travel to Mexico. Talking about his culinary experience from Mexico, he says “The cooking at the famous artist Willie Olguín’s kitchen with renowned Mexican Chef Iliana De La Vega, was the highlight of my culinary trip. It was real fun day wherein we were cooking authentic Oaxacan style dishes using the ingredients what we had bought from the Mercado Reforma. Ingredients bought were fresh vegetables, fruits, dry chilis, fresh fish and some provision items.”

Chef Vikas Seth

Chef Vikas tried and learnt quite a few dishes in Mexico including Queso Fresco Oaxaca style, Roasted Nopales (cactus) salad, Pasilla Chili & tomatillos salsa. He adds “the knowledge gained during my stay in Mexico is going to stay with me for the lifetime.”

Chef Vikas says that the whole menu is based on his travel. He tried the Oaxacan Style Tortilla Soup & Tlalpeño Broth at Mexico City’s top restaurant 'Azul Historico’ and have taken the inspiration from there. He also learnt how to make Queso Fresco from the famous Mexican Chef Iliana de la Vega during the trip, so that is on the menu as well. Likewise, other dishes too has some reference or the other from Oaxaca or Mexico City.

Talking about my experience of tasting the new monsoon menu at Sanchez, it was unbelievably good. Have always received some positive word of mouth about Sanchez and had some clear expectation about the quality of food but I was bowled over the wonderful creations of Chef Vikas Seth. I feel he brought Mexico along with him right into the Sanchez kitchen.

Ohh yes! He literally did. Chef Vikas brought plenty of ingredients from Mexico which will be used throughout the monsoon menu. To name a few ingredients: Mexican oregano, Mexican Chocolate, Achiote paste, Annatto Seeds, Ancho Chili, Dried Hibiscus flower, etc.

As usual, here is my pick of top 5 dishes from the new monsoon menu at Sanchez you cannot avoid missing out on.


This is considered as the queen soup of Mexican cuisine for a reason. This soup is packed with Mexican goodness and is sure blow your mind. The amalgamation of tomato, pulled chicken, cream, chipotle, avocado and tortilla chips in this chicken broth will make you lick your lips. It couldn’t have a been a better start than this on a rainy evening after office.


This was the highlight of the evening for me. The first look doesn’t really give away what’s in store for you. It looks like a normal spring roll but we know, you should never judge a book by its cover. A bite of it and it takes you to the streets of Mexico, such is the detailing of flavours. Tenderloin & peppers are marinated in Ancho, sautéed and then rolled out in corn tortilla. It is served with roasted tomato salsa and sour cream. This is a must try.


Another favourite from the summer menu at Sanchez. For the people who don’t know, Gordita means ‘Chubby’ in Spanish. A gordita in Mexican cuisine is a pastry made with masa and stuffed with ingredients like cheese, meat, or other fillings. At Sanchez, these little fat tortillas are stuffed with refried black beans and pulled chipotle chicken, pico and queso fresco. Chef Vikas has really given Mexican soul to this dish.


As you enter Sanchez in UB City, Bengaluru, you will see the poster of Chilaquiles proudly promoting the new monsoon menu. This dish rightly represents the wonderful city that is Mexico. This Mexican lasagna made with layers of tortilla chips, ranchero sauce and queso sauce. The best part of Chilaquiles is you can choose your own filling. It is next topped with cheese and then gratinated. You will be served with house salad tossed in spiced serrano dressing. This main from the menu makes sure to not only fill your stomach but your heart too. An absolute lip-smacker, this cannot be missed.


Well, we have always heard people saying – Best is saved for the last. This sentence couldn’t have made more sense than dining at Sanchez. Chef Vikas’ pick for the sweet ending will make you week on your knees, it will leave you craving for more. The crispy cinnamon tacos are stuffed with homemade dulche de dulche Ice cream, bananas and real Mexican chocolate drizzle. If eating desserts were sin, I would be ready to commit this sin at Sanchez again and again.

If you are at Sanchez, I would like you to experience the Live Guacamole which is prepared at the table side. This is part of the regular menu, not the new monsoon menu. It is served with yellow and blue corn chips, roasted tomato salsa and sour cream. The live experience of making this is worth watching and taste of freshly mashed avocados with other ingredients is something you cannot afford to miss out.

Another special creation from the kitchen of Chef Vikas Seth is Tres Leches. Again, you won’t find this in the monsoon menu. This is one of the most royal desserts I have ever come across. It is vanilla sponge soaked in three kinds of milk - evaporated milk, condense milk and cream. It is finished with whipped cream and a good helping of three milk mix in the plate. It is a real definition of white beauty.

Rating: 4.5/5


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