The new menu at Jonah’s is a treat for both veggie and meat lovers

Jonah’s by Chef Willi is an Italian Cafe and Bistro located at the posh locality and adds up to the charm of 12th main in Indiranagar. It serves an array of Pastas, Pizzas, appetizers, soups, snacks and a whole range of hot and cold beverages and deserts. The cafe is open from 12 noon to midnight and all ingredients used are carefully selected by Chef Willi. All the baked goodies are fresh off the oven and includes a range of breads, bakes and deserts.

Recently, Jonah’s introduced their new menu and it is sure to delight both vegetarians and the meat lovers, not to forget – they have full stock of all the varieties of Bira.

For the tasting session, Jonah’s had created a special menu for the Bloggers which highlighted their signature dishes. I would pick my four favourites which shouldn’t be missed when you next visit Jonah’s.

Prawn Wrapped Blanket

This was an absolute stunner and highlight of the evening. The jumbo prawns wrapped in the flour was a delight for the people who loves everything under the sea. What more can you ask when the crunch outside and the juiciness of the prawn inside is just perfect. This was the only dish which was served throughout the evening.

Smoke Salmon Quiche

Did I say prawn wrapped blanket was the highlight of the evening? Well, it was. But the smoke salmon quiche was nothing else. I had almost forgot how a good quiche tastes in Bangalore but this reaffirms my love for quiche. It is not just quiche, it’s a salmon quiche and that too smoked. Well, enough said.

Spring Green Ricotto Pizza

If you are a vegetarian, this will be your garden. This one is a veggies delight in every sense. When I say it’s green, it actually is. Every time you think of having a green pizza, trust me you will think about this green lantern… ohh! I mean Green Ricotto pizza.

American Chicken Pizza

This one is a delight for the meat lovers. Jonah’s surely know how to keep a balance between the vegetarians and the better half. If the green pizza was all about vegetables, this is all about chicken.

Bengal Fish Curry

Well, not the best one I have tasted but it definitely does justice to the Bengal fish curry.

Rating: 3.5/5


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