Dimsum Lunch at Zen - The Leela Palace

I have always been vocal about Zen at The Leela Palace, being one of my favorite dining places lately. It never fails to impress with its impeccable Asian flavors and this time with Dimsum lunch menu, they have created a new benchmark for themselves.

It is unbelievable how Zen have priced this exhaustive menu which gives diners an option to choose from soup or salad as an appetizer, array of unlimited veg and non-veg dimsums, selection of Thai curry for main course and a signature dessert – All these for just INR 1200 + taxes. Considering the sizeable portions of everything on the menu and the quality of Zen, the price is a real steal.

It was all about dimsums that afternoon and here are my top 3 picks from the menu:

Pan Fried Chicken Sanghai Dumpling

I am not a big fan of fried dumplings, two reasons for it - the greasiness it accompanies and it takes away the beautiful texture and the flavors along. Hence, I always opt for the steamed dumplings. But when you are dining at Zen, nothing presented on your plate can go wrong. First look at this pan fired dumpling and it gives me a green signal due to the minimal grease. The texture and taste – absolutely brilliant and spot on.

Lamb Siu Mai
I was surprised here to see a Lamb Siu Mai. I was rather expecting a filling of pork, shrimp or shitake mushroom. But I am not complaining here, it was a wonderful surprise. Siu Mai dumplings looks different from its other counterparts. The wrapping is a thin, round sheet of unleavened dough, with a pleat border and centered filling. Coming to the lamb, the texture was spot on again. The moistness of the dumpling couldn’t have been any better and the flavors are just tongue-tickling.

Crystal Dumpling (veg)
This was a clear winner in the vegetarian section. Just like Siu Mai, it has a unique identity. As the name suggests, it looks like a crystal on the outside with its translucent skin. The texture of this dumpling was right on the money and the medley of different vegetables gives you the burst of flavors to take this dumpling to a different level.

Other notable mentions that you can try are: Pumpkin & Pine Nut Dumpling, Fried Almond Prawn with BBQ Sauce and Fried Sweet Potato Dumpling.

What    :  Dimsum Lunch
Where :  Zen, The Leela Palace, Old Airport Road
Price     :  INR 1200 + taxes (Unlimited)
Rating  : 4/5


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