The Calcutta Connection by DoubleTree Suites outshines the mainstream Bengali restaurants in the city

To aid in the festivities and soothe the strong pinch of nostalgia, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton Bangalore has come up with something that reminds you of The Calcutta Connection - a celebration of the unmistakable culinary flavours of East India during Durga Puja in the most vibrant and festive city! They bring together 4 special events starting Saptami till Dashami to ensure an unparalleled taste of Bengali cuisine, reminiscent of the foodie city, right here in Bangalore. Thakur (Maharaj) Gangadhar Hati will join the team of culinary experts at DoubleTree under the guidance of Executive Chef Anurag Mathur to ensure an authentic experience.

Four special events have been inspired from different elements that are very unique to Calcutta during puja.

Saptami Special: Rajbarir Ranna
27th September

The diner swill get to enjoy the flavours with a touch of nostalgia, as they present the niramish (veg) and amish (non-veg) dishes created through traditional family recipes from the Rajbari’s of Bengal.

Ashtami Special: Bagbajar ba Madox?! 
28th September

North and South Kolkata face off with the best of both worlds brought together to create a one of a kind experience with favourites from the famous caf├ęs and snack bars that capture the spirit of the bustling Bagbazar Sarbojanin and the thrill of Maddox Square in one glorious buffet.

Nabami Special: Calcutta-700016 
29th September

From the Chelo Kebabs of Peter Cat to Kwality’s famous Fish Orly with Tartar Sauce, the ever popular Kusum rolls, Mocambo’s Chicken Ala Kiev and those mouth-watering desserts from Flurys and Upper Crust. We take you back to one of Calcutta’s most iconic areas- the legendary Park Street!

Dashami special: Experience Opar Bangla 
30th September

A culinary experience reminiscent of a by gone era and of a land that once stood proud as the eastern part of undivided Bengal.

Preview of The Calcutta Connection

As part of the preview, DoubleTree picked the best of menus from all the four days and created an exceptional showcase of delicacies from Calcutta. The taste of every single dish presented, is the closest Bengali food I have ever had. The authenticity that this festival accompanies, is sure to put all the mainstream Bengali restaurants in the city to shame. The food so good, it will take you right in the streets of Calcutta.

With more than 20 dishes as part of the specially crafted preview menu, it was difficult to not put back your fingers at every single dish more than once.

A very difficult task but here is my top five picks that was simply breathtaking.

Golborir Kosha Mangsho

This is a legendary dish and is inspired from a tiny old restaurant in Calcutta and is considered as a heaven for meat lovers. Undoubtedly, the best kosha Mangsho I have ever had. Hats off to the Chef at DoubleTree to be able to pull this so effortlessly. The perfectly cooked mutton, that beautiful brown colour, the bubbles of different spices, the aroma filling your nose – absolutely lip-smacking stuff. The taste multiplies when you have it with luchi. Trust me, you won’t be able to stop yourself from filling your plate twice, thrice or even more, at least I couldn’t stop myself.

Machcher Paturi

This is a Bengali classic. I was speechless with just a hint of smile on my face after I had a first bite of it. I couldn’t have asked for a better tribute to Bengal than this, it was as authentic as it gets. Bhetki is one of the favorites and most popular fish among Bengalis. Machcher Paturi is prepared in a very unique way, it is wrapped in a banana leaf with mustard paste and slowly cooked in steam. It is served as it is wrapped in a banana leaf. The strong flavor of mustard is the soul of this dish. This is one item on the menu, you would not want to miss out on.

Shiraz Mutton Biryani

Finally my quest for the best Biryani ended here. The taste of Calcutta Biryani is one thing that has been tough to forget over the years. What a nostalgic moment this was, evoking so many wonderful memories I had in Calcutta. This is another tribute to legendary place in Calcutta who is known for their Biryanis but nothing beats the one with the mutton. The boiled potatoes, the basmati rice, the aroma of Asghar Ali attar specially used in Biryanis and the finely cooked mutton is what makes this biryani so special. This truly signifies ‘The Calcutta Connection.’

Lau er Ghanto Bori Diye

To simplify what it means, this is Bottle Gourd curry in a Bengali style with vada. You must thinking what special can you make with a bottle gourd to make it feature on a must try list. Well, that’s where the Bengali style of cooking comes to play. The beauty of this dish lies in its simplicity. When so much of action is happening on the plate with the likes of fish and mutton, it tends to get sidelined. But a small bit of it with rice or chapatti will restore your faith in sides. It is usually cooked with very minimal spices, coriander being the most dominant among the all and the aroma of ghee adds the needed finesse to this dish.

Darjeeling Tea Panna Cotta and Gold Flake Smoke
There is a culture in Bengal where you will see Tea in one hand and cigarette in another. Take a cue from this, the Chefs have stormed an innovation in the kitchen – A Darjeeling Tea Panna Cotta with Gold Flake Smoke – yes you heard that right.

What    :  The Calcutta Connection - Four special food events from Saptami to Dashami
Where :  Asia Alive, DoubleTree Suites by Hilton
When   :  27th September – 30th September
Time     :  Lunch Buffet (12:30pm to 3:00pm) and Dinner Buffet (7:00pm to 11:00pm)
Price     :  INR 999 including taxes
Rating  : 5/5

Here is the detailed menu for all the four days. 


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