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Rating: 4/5

Amidst the hustle-bustle and the big city life of Bengaluru, Go Native is a quiet little retreat with a Farm to Table restaurant and lifestyle store. Go Native Farm-to-Table offers pesticide free , locally produced food and homemade condiments and their lifestyle store houses a lovely collection of hand woven cottons and linens, up-cycled and hand crafted furniture and accessories, eco-friendly lights, handmade soaps and organic oils, books and craft for children, pop-up stores and more. They also have a dedicated yoga and fitness studio and will soon start daily yoga classes and other weekend activities and workshops that will help to live a more sustainable life.

Go Native source their supplies from local farms around Bangalore that practice environmentally sound farming and fair trade and grow seasonal, non GMO, pesticide free veggies and grains.

Recently, I had a chance to explore the array of unique delicacies at Go Native and the surprise elements in their menu, the quality of food and bold flavours left me spellbound. I hadn’t known about this place all this while, thanks to Skreem Team for hosting and introducing this place which is promoting sustainable living to a great extent.

Talking about the wonderful food, here is my pick of top 5 dishes you cannot afford to miss when you are dining at Go Native.

Aloo Patha Bhindi Chaat

This is not your regular chaat that you can get anywhere, this is a Go Native originals. Chaat is a done and dusted concept but hats off to Chef Kanakadri for putting the uniqueness ka tadka to it. The amalgamation of potato cubes, onion, sweet yogurt, tamarind & mint chutney topped with crispy ladies finger and crispy spinach is an absolute lip-smacker.

Bisi Bele Millet Fritters

Yes you read that right. We all living in Bengaluru are very well accustomed to Bisi Bele but taking this and incorporate it with the concept of fritters is something really commendable. I have always believed that cooking is an art, the Chef always needs to keep his thinking hat on and experimenting new things. The Bisi Bele Millet Fritters at Go Native is the testament to my belief.

Ragi Pizza

We all are aware of the health benefits of Ragi and the evil effects of pizza. But Chef Kanakadri thinks it otherwise, he decided to make the pizza healthy by showcasing Ragi as a hero here. This thin crust Ragi Pizza is topped with tomato basil sauce, mozzarella cheese, broccoli, cherry tomato, zucchini and corn and peppers. Now you can eat your pizza guilt free.

Baked Soya Cheese Bread Roll

This is another stunner from the kitchen of Go Native, both in terms of look and taste. The bread is stuffed with soya, spinach, cheese and flavoured with Indian spices. All elements combined does wonder to this simple dish.

Matka Vanilla Pudding with Gulab Jamun

This dish is a mini bowl of treasure hunt. The gulab jamuns are hidden under the bed of vanilla pudding in a matka and my joy seemed no boundaries on discovering the treasure.


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