Chef Nilza Angmo puts Ladakh on the plate at Cubbon Pavilion

Ladakh is a traveler’s paradise not only for the Indians but for people across the globe. You will see a lot of influence from Tibetian culture infused in its cuisine and the local custom. The food is one aspect that makes it stand out from others. People who have travelled to Ladakh will vouch for this but people who haven’t, Ladakhi cuisine has some surprising elements down its sleeve which will leave you spellbound and asking for more.

I haven’t been to Ladakh yet but how do I know so much about the local cuisine? Well, the credit has to be given to ITC Hotels for presenting the essence of Ladakhi cuisine under the aegis of Kitchens of India, giving you a chance to rediscover and savour the ‘Unique Taste’ of this exquisite cuisine from the land of Mystic Lamas.

Being part of the food industry, my respect goes out to ITC Hotels for its endeavour to showcase the Indian culinary concepts on a global platform. They have had some fascinating food festivals in the recent past showcasing the lost and unheard cuisines, educating their diners about the royal past of India. With the ongoing Ladakhi feast, ITC has taken this concept to a different level altogether. This is a great example for others on how food festivals need not be meaningless, it can add so much value to its customers and the industry.

What makes this Ladakhi feast even more special is Chef Nilza Angmo. All the way from Ladakh, she has poured her heart out and put Ladakh on the plate for the diners at ITC Gardenia’s Cubbon Pavilion.

Here is my pick of top three dishes you cannot afford to miss out on.

Gur Gur Chai + Khambir (Ladakhi fermented brown bread stuffed with Mutton Seekh Kabab)

Special call out to all the chai lovers, Gur Gur Chai or the buttered tea brew from Ladakh is all you would want to drink this winters. Just like we tend to eat samosa or pakodas with our tea, Khambir is highly recommended to be eaten alongside Gur Gur chai in one hand. The stuffing of mutton seekh kabab is not at all over powering and tunes in beautifully with the buttered tea.

Mok Mok

Have you heard of Momos? Yes the food that has made its way to people’s heart across the country. In Ladakh, Momo is Mok Mok. Now you must be thinking why is it in the ‘must have’ list, it’s just momos. Well, I will leave this for you to try it for yourself and keep your curiosity bells ringing. Be rest assured, whether you pick the mixed vegetable or the minced mutton variant – this is the best I have ever tried.


Again it has both veg and lamb variants. A meal in itself, this one is sure to make your taste buds dancing in joy. The meat is cooked to perfection, it just falls of the bones. The usage of local spices from Ladakh will take you for a ride of flavours. 

Rating   : 4/5
What     :  A Ladakhi Fest
Where  :  Cubbon Pavilion, ITC Gardenia
When    :  Till 16-Nov
Time      :  Dinner only; 7:30 PM – 11:30 PM
Price      :  INR 1950 plus taxes


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