Wings so good, you would want to fly

If Biryani is a foodies’ pride in India, let me tell you that chicken wings is a worldwide phenomenon. While there is no comparison to both, you get my point here, right? Whether you are with friends and foes or families and colleagues, a plate of chicken wings does the trick. It leaves you with a messy and dirty finger but also with a happy belly. And everyone would agree to what I say – Wings is to Beer what Rachel is to Ross. I mean who doesn’t love Ross and Rachel together? Similarly, just imagine a hot and spicy wings with sticky-messy sauce in one hand and a chilled beer in another. Damn! I love the latter more.

Now that I have spoken about the love affair of chicken wings and beer, let me tell you about this place which is hosting a wings festival with six different variants along with your favorite beer. Yes, you heard that right. Bar Bar, India’s first wholesale pricing bar truly understands the emotion of the foodies. Hence, they have rolled out a special limited edition menu of succulent and flavorful chicken wings. The specially curated food menu by Chef Paul features an assortment of six chicken wings which is so good, you would want to fly.

Let’s look at all the six varieties: Khatta Meetha Wings, Fiery Wings, Boozy Wings, Maple Bacon, Cheesy Wings and Thai Curry Wings.

My top 3 pick of Chicken Wings you just cannot miss out on:

Thai Curry Wings

First, a pat on the back of Chef Paul for this idea. He hits the bull’s eye with the bang of Thai flavours infused in the perfectly cooked chicken wings. Hands down, Thai is one of the cuisines I always look forward to and I had reservations with the thought of experimenting with chicken wings. But damn! I was surprised by the freshness it brings to the done and dusted concept of chicken wings. The combination of sweet chilli, Thai spices and coconut curry marries together to create something special for diners at Bar Bar. This is a must try.

Fiery Wings

I have had different versions of fiery wings across the city at best outlets serving the best of chicken wings. Chef Paul has managed to surprise me again with the depth of flavours I could bite along with the chicken. It is not just spicy but has a well-defined taste with peppers, garlic and peri peri glaze. There are fiery wings I have had in the past and then there is this, absolutely lip-smacking. This is another must try on the list.

Boozy Wings

A hot favorite among diners and now I know why. It’s all in the name, isn’t it? This Tequila-lime and sea salt infused chicken wings is a thing you wouldn’t want to miss out on. Again, Chef has managed to pull this off with subtle flavours, not going overboard with the available elements. While the other two wings are high on flavour, this is a hero in its own way.

As a person who loves chicken wings, I was absolutely delighted to see the kind of stuff Chef Paul has put together for the diners. Pick up any wings you like from the menu or go with my suggestion, just don’t forget to fair it with a glass of chilled beer.

Rating   : 4/5
What     :  Wings Festival
Where  :  Bar Bar, Level 2, Pheonix Marketcity, Whitefield
When    :  Till 19-Nov
Time      :  Daily. Noon till 1 AM
Price      :  INR 399 + taxes


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