Culinary feasts at the Stonehill International

All work and no play makes jack a dull boy! How many times have we heard of this quote? Students today aren't like what we were earlier. They are hooked onto their books, tablets and learning every second. But, it is extremely necessary for them to unwind, step out and have a great day on the field. 

Recently, Stonehill International at Bengaluru organised the IFF (International Food Fair), a PTA event featuring the culinary tastes and cultural talents of the many nationalities represented at Stonehill International School. Participating countries sell various food items that are native to their homeland. They are also encouraged to display some of their home-grown talents during the cultural performance. Proceeds generated by IFF are donated to these organisations: Stonehill Government School, Morningstar Ashram and IKSHA Foundation. Gone are those days and PTAs now mean feedback sessions and learning sessions where the parents and teachers try and understand the psyche of the child to aid overall development. 

This International Food Fair saw delicacies from many regions of the world being savored by children and parents alike. The novelty of IFF lies in the diverse portfolio of students from across the world. One can look forward to relishing mouthfuls of home-grown goodness from countries such as Japan, South Korea, Denmark, USA, France, UK, Iran, Brazil, Sweden, India, Germany, Poland and Italy to name a few. 

So foodies got to experience not just international flavours but also authentic regional flavours from these countries. As with Indian food, the flavour and ingredients of international food vary from region to region. Stonehill International School's PTA event brought the most indigenous food preparations on a single platter at the pop-up cafes by parents of students belonging to varied nationalities. The food fair was open to all and the proceeds generated from the event are donated to charities.

Spread over 34 acres, nestled 20 minutes away from the Bangalore airport, the Stonehill campus is spacious, purpose-built, safe and highly conducive to learning. The international school is fully accredited by CIS/NEASC and the Australian Boarding Schools Association. Students from age three through secondary school, reside on the state-of-the art campus that features extensive sports fields and facilities, two swimming pools, an equestrian centre, three boarding houses, two libraries, and a cafeteria. Stonehill offers education in a warm and friendly small school environment, where each student’s quest for individual excellence is a priority. The students and teachers at Stonehill come from India as well as over 35 different countries spanning the globe. 


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