The Fatty Bao’s innovative interpretations of the traditional Sushi is mind-boggling

The Bangalore food scene is crazy than ever with new restaurants popping up at the speed of a flash but how many places are able to sustain in the market? They start with a bang and fizzle out slowly. At a time when diners are more unpredictable than ever, the only thing that brings them back is fresh concept while maintain the highest quality standards and taste.

The recent visit to The Fatty Bao hits this brief out of the park. I visit this place every time and come out as a fan of their cooking. This visit was special, they did something unusual, something fresh – they have reimagined how people perceive Sushi. Chef Prashanth has pushed the level this time with his simplistic innovations.

‘Sushi Unrolled’ at The Fatty Bao celebrates this very artful simplicity of sushi and showcases the wonderful creation in different forms and shapes- from a taco to a pizza to a sandwich and a pita pocket inspired Sushi. Chef Prashanth have tried to make this promotion more fun and experimenting with different forms, ingredients, flavours hitherto unexplored.

The entire ‘Sushi Unrolled’ menu is a highlight in itself but there are 3 innovative interpretations that was mind-boggling, the taste of which is etched in my heart.

Cross-bred Tuna Pizza

Hands down, this is one of the most flavourful dishes I have ever tried. This is mother of all pizzas, beats every other XYZ available in the market. You don’t talk innovation; you do it – this Tuna pizza is embodiment to the statement. Tuna, hero of the dish leads from the front and leaves you gasping with excitement. The citrus oomph from the Yuzu marination puts extra freshness on the table. Jalapeno, cream cheese mayo, tobiko, fried capers and mustard cress combines together to pack a powerful and lip-smacking punch. If this is how it taste when you unroll the sushi, who wants it rolled, the traditional way.

The Liberal Tobimayo

Don’t go by the size and looks, this one’s a volcano of flavour. Have I ever tasted a crab meat based dish which is outstandingly good? I guess not. First the tuna pizza and then this, totally different interpretations – this shows the thinking prowess of the Chef. The hero of this dish is definitely the crab meat but I don’t know if it wasn’t for tobiko mayo, how it would be. Crispy gari and prawn crackers just elevates this dish to whole new level.

Cross-bred Spicy Salmon

How good looking is this dish? Certainly an instagrammable food nominee. The bright popping colour immediately draws your attention and get ready to be surprised with the oomph of freshness. Again the citrus from Yuzu salsa holds the key to this dish, it fills in perfectly with Sriracha mayo, tobiko, avocado and the hero – spicy salmon. You are just a bite away from the world of goodness.

If you are tired and bored of eating the same traditional sushi and looking for more than incredible sushi experience, there cannot a better place to be at than The Fatty Bao. Take my words, you would be short of words to praising the food. For me, it was a magical experience. A full 5/5 rating after a long time.

Rating: 5/5
What: Sushi Unrolled
Where: The Fatty Bao, 12th Main Road, Indiranagar
When: Till 8th April
Wallet Factor: Meal for two without alcohol, excluding taxes Rs.1500 ++/Meal for two including alcohol, excluding taxes Rs. 1900++


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