3 Reasons Why Punjab Bistro Should be on your next dine-in list

Augmenting Bengaluru’s reputation as a cultural hub, Punjab Bistro made a delectable mark in the city by bringing together the merriment and food culture from the land of five rivers – Punjab. Punjab Bistro can be best described as a place that refabricates experience by making it richer and modern, also keeping the old ideas at the helm at the same time. It serves contemporary versions of Punjab’s rich heritage. The amalgamation of the royal tastes along with the flavors from every nook and corner of Punjab is showcased on a high culinary pedestal.

Next time when you want to treat yourself with a royal Punjab delicacy, remember these three reasons why Punjab Bistro should be on top of your list.

Dal Moradabadi

Before you start rolling your eyes to see if you are reading it right, let me tell you – YES YOU ARE. I can understand your surprise, a dal featuring in the top 3 of any list should be surprising. This rare feat has been achieved because of one man - Masaroor Waris Khan, Executive Chef at Punjab Bistro. Made with the humble split moong Dal, this famous Dal from Moradabad is garnished with tamarind, coriander chutney, onion and tomato. What enhances the flavor is the Bhuknu masala, a specialty from Unnao. This dal oozes the Mughal royalty in every sense.  If you are at Punjab Bistro, this is one thing you cannot miss out on.

Laal Maas

This certainly brings back the memories from my visit to Rajasthan. While nothing can beat the Laal Maas you get in different parts of Rajasthan, this one certainly comes close or rather one of the better ones you can get your hands in Bengaluru. What makes this special here at Punjab Bistro is, the mutton is prepared with 'Mathania' chilly and 'Kachri' powder. It is served with Bajre ki khichdi, spinach lunji and Bati. The mathania chilly enhances the color and packs a powerful flavor. The cooking of the meat by Chef Masaroor is again top notch; it just melts in your mouth.

Pattar Ka Gosht

The Punjabi food is all about flavors, not from any exotic sauce but full-blown Indian spices. Pattar ka Gosht at Punjab Bistro lives by this example. The boneless slices of mutton are griddled on stone with sriracha chilly, black pepper, lemon juice, papaya and raw fig. The hint of lemon against the powerful spices is what makes this dish standout and shine. It is served with wasabi cream and nuts crumbled.

 Rating: 3.5/5


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