Chef Baljinder Singh redefines Punjabi food with his bold and ‘right on nose’ flavors

Punjabi is one of the most replicated cuisines in India with everyone pushing their own version, which is anything but a Punjabi food. Right from fine dining restaurants to the roadside dhabas, everyone is an expert in Punjab food (in their own world). Punjabi food is all about flavors, not from any exotic sauce but full-blown Indian spices, desi ghee and butter. The rich and bold flavor is what distinguishes a good or bad Punjabi food.

When I heard about the ongoing Punjabi food festival at Paranda - Taj Yeshwantpur, there was absolutely no expectation. I went ahead with a pre-meditated thought that it will be as any other Punjabi food served at any other Punjabi restaurant. Spending 120 minutes at Paranda, I was blown away by the food. Let me put it this way; this is hands down ‘THE BEST’ Punjabi food I have ever experienced in Bengaluru.

Chef Baljinder Singh is the man driving this food festival at Taj Yeshwantpur and he is here to take you back in time with magical recipes from the forgotten times. He has ensured that people fall in love with Punjabi food again; he brings the freshness with his bold and right on nose flavors. Chef Baljinder redefines the Punjabi food.

Here I give you three highlights from this special menu at Paranda – Taj Yeshwantpur.


Ctrl + Alt + Del all the other versions of this epic Punjabi starter because I have never had a better Bhatti Da Murgh ever. This is a Chef specialty in every sense. The chicken is reserved overnight in a non-yogurt marinade that is a veritable symphony of exotic spices. It does not happen often that bhatti da murgh brings a big smile to your face. It is the spice that weaves magic here, top-notch stuff by Chef Baljinder and team.


This is one of the most epic food combinations you can come across. Again, the Amritsari Kulcha is undoubtedly one of the finest I have ever experienced. When you dip the kulcha with Parati Gosht, another Chef’s specialty, you will understand what food madness is all about. This is cooking of the highest level from Chef Baljinder and team. Parati Gosht is a like a long road with speed breaker of flavors.


If the aroma of Chicken Biryani does not make you close your eyes and bring a smile to your face, it is not worth your time and stomach. Period. That’s exactly what makes this tahri so special. The moment serving staff removed the lid of the bowl, the aroma of the basmati rice cooked with chicken made me leave everything and just wait for it to be served on my plate. I have never ever experienced this aroma in Bengaluru at any restaurant. The chicken is cooked so well, it just melts in your mouth.

Rating: 4.5/5


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