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We as humans are prone to stereotypes and myth, a lot of which come from Bollywood movies and some are inherited. One such categorization is that North East food is all about momos, thukpas and wai wai. Truth is, these dishes are now commercially celebrated and are well known everywhere today. The beauty of this country lies in their culture, which is vast as an ocean. Just like every place in India, the seven sister states have so much more to offer with their cuisine. It is as good as a hidden treasure, yet to be explored.

If you are to believe me, the food from North East is just magical with an ocean of flavors. If you are not planning your visit to the easternmost region of India anytime soon, you can explore the best street food specials from the seven sister states, plated for you in a unique and binge-worthy spread right here in Namma Bengaluru. You heard that right!

The Lalit Ashok in Bengaluru is hosting a very special food festival to celebrate the #MagicOfNorthEast like never before at their Pan Indian restaurant, Baluchi. Baldev Singh, Sous Chef who hails from Uttarakhand has spent over two years in Assam and has traveled the length and breadth of North East, exploring its diverse culture and cuisine. His understanding of the local cuisine is impeccable, which reflects in the food that is delivered from his kitchen to the table.

Chef Baldev Singh

Chef Baldev sticks to the basic and that is the highlight of this food festival. He does not try to present the food in a modern avatar by altering the originality, he just lets the taste do the talking. Every week, restaurants in Bengaluru hosts numerous food festival but the #MagicOfNorthEast at The Lalit Ashok stands out from the crowd and shines.

Every single element put on the table by the Chef had its own unique taste. However, there are four items on the menu that would make me come to Baluchi on a repeat mode.


This tangy rohu fish curry from Assam is probably one of the best I have ever come across in any food festival. Keeping things simple, Chef only uses a handful of important elements like tomato, salt and kagzi lemon, which accompanies a very distinct fragrance. This is an absolute ripper and a crowd puller.


This Assamese style mutton curry cooked with mustard leaves is sure to blow your mind with the power-packed flavors. Keep aside all the mutton curries you have tasted aside because this one is sure to put them to shame. Chef has beautifully used the character of Mustard leaves to make this dish shine.


Why does a normal daal feature in the list you ask? First, this is not your usual black daal easily available at any restaurant and wait until you try this special black gram cooked in traditional Assamese khar. I bet this version of the black gram will make you fall in love with the simplicity of Assamese food.

MANIPUR RICE KHEER You cannot hold yourself back but ask the recipe of this black rice cooked with milk, cashew nut and sugar, garnished with pistachios from the Chef. Alas, you can only make this kheer if you have the special purple rice from Manipur. You may find its substitute here in Bengaluru but those are colored rice, which bleeds when washed. The first look of the kheer gives you a hint of melted black currant ice cream because of its color. Chef ensures a fine balance of sweetness and flavors extracted from other elements. 

I am reiterating this again, move over the idea that North East cuisine is only about Momos and Thukpas. Let me conclude this by saying, if this is not magic, I do not know what is. 

The Baluchi team behind #MagicOfNorthEast

Rating: 4.5/5

What: Magic of North East Food Festival

Where: Baluchi, The Lalit Ashok

When: Until 29th January 2019

Time: Lunch & Dinner

  • Vegetarian Menu: 1200 ++
  • Non-vegetarian Menu: 1500 ++


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