ITC Windsor celebrates Bengali Cuisine like never before

Having been born and raised in Bengal, I have a strong connection with its people, the language, the culture and most importantly, the rich and compelling cuisine. The spectacular and surprising aspect of the Bengali cuisine is its subtle and balanced flavours and multi-course convention that is similar in structure to the modern service, à la russe style of French cuisine.

In the endeavour to showcase Indian Culinary concepts on a global platform, Raj Pavilion at ITC Windsor is celebrating Bengali Cuisine under the aegis of their initiative, Kitchens of India – Unique tastes. The promotion is being curated by MasterChef Ramesh Dhani from ITC Sonar, Kolkata that brings in the authenticity of the celebratory cuisine of Bengal.

Started on 8th March, this promotion will conclude on 17th March with a rotation menu every day. The menu has been crafted to create a wonderful sojourn of both vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes. As a prelude to the festival, I had a chance to taste a few iconic Bengali dishes, which was loaded with the nostalgia of Bengal.

Contrary to few Bengaluru based Bengali restaurants who represent modern taste, this exclusive promotion at Raj Pavilion brings the old Bengali taste back to the helm. MasterChef Ramesh Dhani with over 37 years of culinary experience plays to his strength, keeping it old school and that is what elevates this promotion to an unmatchable level.

Beetroot, which has found its ground today as a fancy ingredient in hotels and restaurants, has been a mainstay in the Bengali street food culture, dominantly in the form of Beetroot Badam Chops. It was refreshing to taste this classic after ages with Chef Dhani ensuring no change in the taste and appearance of the same.

Another Bengali classic, Chicken Kobirajee Cutlet has lost its essence over time with different experimental versions. Again, Chef Dhani weaves magic with keeping the originality intact when it comes to taste. Chicken coated with eggs and breadcrumbs – bliss! Clearly, this is one dish you cannot miss out on while dining at Raj Pavilion while this promotion is on.  

Every time I talk about Aloo Posto, people around me frown as if it is no big deal, only because you need have the original aloo posto made be a Bengali, not the commercial ones available in modern restaurants. This is as traditional as it goes, with it being a regular feature at every home in different parts of Bengal. You will find the same essence and taste prepared by Chef Dhani.

Kosha Mangsho is undoubtedly one of the most abused dishes you will find today everywhere. The actual kosha mangsho tempered with the pure and strong mustard oil is irreplaceable. I have tasted over 10-15 varieties of kosha mangsho in different places but nothing comes even close to how it is prepared in Bengal or for that matter at Raj Pavilion by Chef Dhani.

How many of you would have heard the word ‘Langcha’ before this? As alien it may sound, this deep fried khoya soaked in sugar syrup is a classic Bengali delicacy found in every street shop in Kolkata. If divine had a taste, it would be Langcha for sure.

Other few dishes, which are not be missed, include Monana, Macher Jhol and Bhaja Muger Dal.

Rating: 5/5

What: The Celebrated Cuisine of Bengal

Where: Raj Pavilion, ITC Windsor

When: Until 18th March 2019

Time: Dinner Only

Cost: INR 1995 ++


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