Sriracha's distinctive experiences with live Robatayaki grill and Cambodian Khmer cuisine will create a mark in the culinary landscape of the city

Sriracha, the contemporary Pan Asian eatery, which recently launched its second outlet in Indiranagar, offers two distinctive experiences - the live Robatayaki grill and the Cambodian Khmer cuisine. This has already created a mark in the culinary landscape of the city.

The extensive menu, designed by Chef Vikas Seth traces a path taken by the group chefs across the Orient, making stops at Thailand, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Vietnam, China, the relatively gastronomically unexplored Cambodia and the culinary world’s hot-spot, Singapore. The creations on the menu seamlessly blend the age-old East Asian traditions with the new. 

Chef Vikas Seth who has scoured recipes from across East Asia while creating the menu explains, “At the new Sriracha we wanted to give you an experience that would cut away from the clutter and provide unique concepts of this all prevalent cuisine. During our travels, we encountered several dishes and meals, both authentic and modern and our menu is a fascinating melange between the two. Each dish has been carefully chosen and draws its unique character from our exclusive Sriracha touch to it. With Sriracha, we promise to get you the best experience on this side of the Silk Route!”

When Chef Vikas is cooking, every single dish that arrives on the table screams perfection. Let me guide you through some of the dishes that just bowled me over. 

Fresh Turmeric & Red Chili King Prawns

This is a true ode to the Robata Grill with Sriracha twist to it. The mild aroma of turmeric combined with the zing of red chili to the king prawns with a hint of char from the grill is a match made in heaven.  

Pork Belly Char Siu

This is another stunner from the menu. Lately, I have been a lot into pork belly but this version by Chef Vikas walks the cake. For me, the boneless cut of the fatty meat from the belly of a pig is undoubtedly the most treasured part. What makes this better? Well, the beautiful char and the crunch that forms the outline to the juicy and fatty meat, along with smokiness, makes it unmissable. 

Pandan Leaf Wrapped Cottage Cheese

A Chef’s special, this is a true blue vegetarian delight. The distinct, sweet and floral notes from the wrapped Pandan leaf pushes the flavor meter through the roof. 

Charcoal Seafood Dumplings

This clearly reminds of another classic Dimsum by Chef Vikas Seth, the Wild Mushroom Purple Dumplings. The moment this gorgeous black beauty arrives on the table, you will be forced to turn into Paparazzi. It is certainly one of the top 10-instagrammable dishes of 2019. This is what eating with eyes really means. 

Fresh Spring Rolls

You can toss your greasy guilt out of the window to eat these spring rolls. This is nothing but bundle of goodness - rice paper wrap filled with fresh red chili, lettuce, garlic, scallion, carrot, basil, cucumber, glass noodles, bean sprouts with a stuffing of Wild Mushroom & Truffle Oil along with rice vinegar and sweet soy dressing (you can choose from 6 stuffing options).

Khmer Bbq Table

Chef Vikas Seth, for the first time in India, brings a unique experience, straight from Cambodia - the characteristic Charcoal Khmer Barbeque. This is a traditional Cambodian way to barbeque meats and vegetables. Smoke tinted flavors of the meats are derived from the traditional Cambodian grill which is placed on live charcoal “Phnom Plung” or “Fire Mountain” surrounded with soup on the outside. Asian stock is filled outside the grilling dome, along with fresh assorted vegetables and noodles. This is served along with jasmine rice. 

Note: This fascinating live charcoal experience brought to the special dining tables requires prior bookings. 

Amok Trey

It is a traditional Cambodian fish dish, coated in thick coconut milk, egg and kroeung batter, steamed in a cup made from banana leaves, served with jasmine rice. The most surprising dish of the day had Chef Vikas Seth written all over it. This only proves why Chef Vikas is one of the most highly rated Chefs in the city. Have you ever imagined how would rainbow of flavours look like? Well, you can have it on your plate.

Coconut milk and egg with fish – this is one combination I could not have imagined. Prawns go well with coconut milk but I had my eyebrows raised when I read fish along with other ingredients. Egg plays a very important role with its creamy texture, without which putting together this dish is just not possible.

Banana Cake with Coconut Ice Cream    

Salted Date Caramel, Almond Crisp, Shredded Tender Coconut and Banana Cake – can there be a better combination than this. If you do not go bananas over this dessert, you will surely go nuts. That’s a promise.

Cocktails: Avocado Margarita and Galaxy Sling

Doesn’t these names give your head spin? I mean, Avocado Margarita? I could have never imagined Tequila and Avocado rocking a tango. I can officially declare, this signature cocktail as one of the best that has gone down my throat. 

With Gin, Elderflower, Kiwi, the Galaxy Sling forms a treat to eyes. Find me a more colorful and instagrammable cocktail, I will wait.


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