Gourmet Passport Experiences: Poke Bowl Menu at The Tao Terraces

The best thing about #GourmetPassportExperiences is that it is not only about food tasting, but it is also much beyond that. The guests or as Chandni Anzar says 'the extended family of Gourmet Passport' gets into different fun and meaningful conversations concerning the industry and society.
I attended my exclusive second Gourmet Passport meetup yesterday at The Tao Terraces to try their new and exciting ‘POKE BOWL MENU’ along with some tantalizing cocktails.

Before I get into the details of the menu, the credit should be given where it is due. It was a full-house yesterday at The Tao Terraces but big cheers to the Chef, the kitchen staff and the serving staff for the way they handled everything so professionally. Coming back to the menu, Poke, a diced raw fish, belongs to the Native Hawaiian Cuisine. Even though it is primarily a fish dish, keeping in mind the rising popularity of vegetarians across the globe, the team of Gourmet Passport and The Tao Terraces decided to include few vegetarian options to the Poke menu.
The best part of the evening was that we had an opportunity to make our own Boke Bowl. Trust me when I say, it was harder than attending multiple-choice questions for our exams, we were all spoilt for choice. However, after putting my brain to thinking for over 10 minutes to get the best combination, I decided to pick Sushi Rice and greens as my base along with Crabmeat as my protein. As for the veggies, I chose Crunchy Onion, Avocado and Red Cabbage. Red Tobiko, Spring Onion and Wasabi were picked as toppings with a mild sauce. Adding the crunch to the bowl was Crispy Glass Noodles and Prawn Crackers with Sriracha drizzle on the top.

Tasting Poke Bowl for the first time was an enriching experience. I strongly believe that when you eat something for the first time, you are not only introduced to a new dish but you are also educated about a new culture and the cuisine as a whole.

While the conversations flowed, it was surprising to hear about the journey and growth of Gourmet Passport. What started as a passion project by Mr. Rocky Mohan, Gourmet Passport has today become such an integral part of the Indian F&B industry, enriching the experience of dining out for food aficionados.
Until we meet next time, one question still haunts everyone – Why is Chicken Ghee Roast called with that name. None other than Mr. Mohan put this question on the table at our first meet at Alba, JW Mariott. While he could not attend the table yesterday, we ensured this question was discussed getting him on the video call. Everyone definitely missed you being in person.
While everyone would have a different answer to that question, I have my own – It is referred to as Chicken Ghee Roast because I cannot imagine it being called anything else. Just imagine it being called as Chicken Ghee Tadka or Chicken Ghee Masala – takes away the whole fun and emotion of the chicken ghee roast.



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