Ottimo rolls out Italian extravaganza with their new menu

“With great power, comes great responsibility” – We all at some point would have heard or uttered this thematic and often quoted Spider-Man phrase by Uncle Ben. Taking a leaf out of this statement and using it as a case for the F&B industry, “With a great reputation, comes great responsibility,” sounds apter.

Reputation is hard to earn in every sphere of life, for an F&B set up, this is all it needs to make or break. Now, talking specifically about Ottimo, the signature Pan-Italian restaurant ITC Gardenia, have over the years earned the reputation of being the best from the food aficionados.

Late last month, Ottimo unveiled a new menu. Let’s find out if Ottimo has played their responsibility well and lived up to the reputation.

First thing first, you will always find your name on the table and menu. This is a routine and ITC ensures this is followed every single time – minute details, make bigger impacts.

The team at Ottimo has embarked on a new experiential journey driven by innovation, through a menu that screams passion and creativity. My exclusively curated 6-course culinary voyage commenced with an Instagram-worthy Proscuitto Melon and Burrata, sour cherry, toasted almonds and aged balsamic. While the beautiful ham with melon tingled the perfect combination, burrata was the surprise that stroked the path to follow for the evening.

The second course was all about playing with the colours and of course the flavours. The Smoked beetroot carpaccio, almond praline, quinoa, with gin and sage dressing is what I called a match made in heaven. The Gin cured Salmon with Jerusalem artichoke purée and avocado purée is a delight for the ones who swear by Salmon. The avocado puree to this dish is what robin is to batman – perfect partners.

The third installment to the six-course Italian extravaganza plays down the liquid state with two soups, which will get your mind think. First up was the Cauliflower chocolate soup with a hint of truffle. I will pause for a minute for you to read that again and process that. This is unlike any soup you would have ever tried. The other liquid delight was the Red cabbage soup with lemon and saffron-scented chicken caviar. Yes, you read that right – Chicken Caviar! How is that possible you ask? Well, google as much you want, you are not gonna find an answer. I will leave this suspense for your next visit to Ottimo and find out yourself. These two soups go to show the unprecedented imagination of the Chef.

As the clock strikes four, the ravioli take over. For the green brigade, it was Pumpkin ravioli with sage butter sauce. For the seafood lovers, ‘Crab ravioli was tossed in a crab bisque and chamomile tea.’ For someone who is not a regular crab eater, this ravioli might come across with a very strong flavour. For me, probably this was the dish of the evening.

Time for the mains. Forget about vegetarians, even the meat lovers will fall in love with this Marsala risotto with black pepper bread. The final stride for the meat lovers, the Chef chose for Almond crusted lamb loin with truffle scented potato purée, pan jus, and purple potato chips. That lamb was cooked to perfection; it just sliced through the knife like butter.

The last course, I call it ‘Sweet Conclusion’. This lavish six-course meal could not have ended, sans a classic with a twist - Ottimo calls it Tiramisu 2.0 – This deconstructed Tiramisu is a sheer masterpiece, probably one of the finest I may have ever tasted. 

Coming back to the question – Have Ottimo played their responsibility well and lived up to their reputation with this new menu? Of course, it has.

Ottimo’s elegant and aesthetic new menu brings to the table a unique blend of modern and contemporary cuisine while ensuring the traditional elements of Italian cuisine are not compromised.


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